7 Tips on Saving Using AC

If you live in a place with tropical weather and tend to be hot, surely you have AC at home to keep the room cool. If at any time your AC has a problem, you can call the best AC Kenosha HVAC service to fix it.

Unfortunately, the use of AC is not right, the cost of electricity every month will soar. Here are some tips on using AC to save electricity costs at home.

Select the AC size that suits the room

The size of the air conditioner must match the room. Do not let the size of the AC in the room is too small so that the cold is not optimal, and vice versa if the size of the AC is too large it will be too cold.

Place the air conditioner in a closed room

This is one effective way to save electricity because the use of air conditioning in a room with an open door takes a long time to cool the room. So that the machine cannot standby and will continue to run, this certainly requires more electricity.

Adjust the temperature of the air conditioner as needed

The default temperature setting on the AC remote is 20 ° C, if the AC temperature is too low it can make the engine standby fast and the compressor will start more often. At the start, this requires more power than when the engine starts continuously. But if you want the room to cool faster, you can use temperatures below 20 ° C, after it feels cold enough, just raise the temperature of the air conditioner.

Clean the air filter once a week

Washing the indoor air filter once a week is recommended. The goal is to keep the AC cool, save electricity, and keep the air in the room clean and healthy. You can do this easily, first open the top indoor casing then take the filter and wash with soap. After cleaning, dry it first, then put it back on, it’s easy, right?

Servicing AC every three months

Often you forget this because the air conditioner is still cold even though it’s time for maintenance services. In addition to preventing early damage, cleaning the air conditioner regularly can also save electricity. Dirty AC will make the engine performance to be heavier and requires high electrical power.

Do not smoke in an air-conditioned room

Smoking in the room when the AC is turned on can make the AC become dirty quickly and will certainly increase the electric power. Besides being able to pollute the air that is inhaled, not smoking in an air-conditioned room can save electricity costs.

Use AC as needed

Turn on the AC when in the room and keep the door closed, do not let your AC stay on when not in the room. For that before traveling out of the house make sure unused electronic equipment is turned off.

Those are some simple tips on using AC to keep saving electricity costs. Selection of the right AC can also help you to save money.