Will travel agencies become obsolete?

The need to start a business will require you to make some research. Prominent amongst the types of research you will want to carry out is if the type of business you want to start will become obsolete or not. If there are chances it will become obsolete, you would want to opt for a type of business that promises to not become obsolete, but also promises to continue to boom with increased patronage. If you want to know how lucrative travel agencies are today or you need the services of a travel agency, then you should see online travel companies in the US on US-Reviews to know more about travel agencies.

The answer to the question of if travel agencies become obsolete is No. Travel agencies are not getting obsolete, neither is there any chance that they will become obsolete. Some of the major reasons why travel agencies will not become obsolete are discussed in subsequent paragraphs.

People must move around

One of the major reasons why travel agencies will never become obsolete is that people must move around. We saw a peek into how difficult it can be to force people to stay in one place in the year 2020 with the Covid-19 pandemic. During the lockdown, every country still allowed people to move around to get groceries. Despite the closure of airports and international flights, most countries still recorded flights landing and taking off, even if it was less than 1 percent of what was the norm before the pandemic. Furthermore, as quickly as possible, the lockdown was lifted even with the pandemic still raging. This is considering that the governments saw that the lockdown was doing just as much harm as the pandemic apart from the fact that lockdown will not directly kill citizens like the pandemic.

However, despite a flattening in the curve, new cases were still recorded daily implying people were still moving around and catching the virus. It was estimated that if people should stay home for 2 weeks straight that was the estimated life cycle of the virus, the chain of the spread of the virus should die and hence, the virus should have been controlled. However, hundreds of thousands of cases were still being recorded from countries under lockdown even by the end of the third month of the lockdown. You can’t stop people from moving around no matter the consequence, and when people move around, they must use the services of travel companies.

It is profitable

Another reason why travel agencies will never get obsolete is that it is very profitable. The transportation sector is a major one in every country with airlines, the railway sector, road transportation, and even water transportation providing governments with returns worth billions of dollars and keeping a significant percentage of the population employed. Hence, the fact that it is a profitable business implies that travel agencies will continue to thrive, new travel agencies will be established and patronage will continue to increase.

There are many sub-sectors

The transportation sector has a lot of subsectors. Prominent among those subsectors including car rental companies, hotels, airlines, tourist attractions, and ticketing platforms for tourists among others. However, in the broader sense, it also includes companies that make, sell and repair vehicles (cars, buses, trains, airplanes, etc).

The customer base continues to increase

The world population continues to increase and more people continue to find reasons to travel to other countries ranging from tourists, a search for greener pastures or business trips among others. The people that travel every year will be, at the very least, slightly more than the people that traveled the previous year. This means more revenue for the transportation sector to continue to research, reinvent themselves and stay relevant among others.